About our wine

All our wines are natural wines mostly from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Meet some of our winemakers. 

Aci Urbajs

Aci Urbajs’ first line are top quality wines made from bio-dynamic grapes (late vintages, grape assortments, ice wine…). Grapes are harvested in late autumn, so that sugar and extract in the grapes are high. Fermentation is natural without artificial yeast and other additives. At the end of the fermentation, small level of sulphur (30 to 60 mg/l) is added to keep wine fresh and fruity. 
Second line is extra organic wine, which ripens on the wine lees without sulphur. This is an ancient natural method, this idea came out of the question of how bio-dynamic method can be brought into the cellar. 

For more information, visit Aci Urbajs website

In our stock:

- Sivi & Modri Pinot 2019  

- Radical (Chardonnay, Kerner & Riesling) 2019

- Cviček 2019


The Čotar family estate with its vineyards and wine cellar lies in the western part of the Kras – a plateau between the Vipava Valley and the Bay of Trieste. 
Extensive family tradition aside, the current farm grew from the foundations up. It is committed to nature friendly wine growing. 

For more information, visit Cotar website

In our stock:

- Vitovska 2018

- Malvazia 2018

- Gorjansko 2018

- Sauvignon 2016+2017

- Črno (Teran) 2016

- Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

- Merlot 2009

- Črno (Teran) Pet Nat 2015


With attention on nature, vineyards and soil, Kabaj wine is aged in French barrels for at least a year, followed by months of ageing in bottles where the wine elaborate its taste. 

For more information, visit Kabaj website

In our stock:

- Beli Pinot (Blanc) 2015

- Rebula 2016

- Ravan (Tokai Fruillano) 2016 - Malvasia Pet Nat Hydra 2019

- Pinot Noir Rose Pet Nat Corvus 2019


Made from grapes that are produced organically in vineyards in the surrounding of Medana (180 meter of altitude). Without chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, Klinec’s vineyards are grassed and covered with bushes and trees, living as part of the ecosystem. Its organic wine matures for two to three years in traditional barrels made of acacia, mulberry, wild cheery or oak wood. 

For more information, visit Klinec website

In our stock:

- Gardelin (Pinot Griggio) 2016
- Jakot (Tokai Fruillano) 2016 
- Malvazija 2016
- Rebula 2015


The Movia estate dates back to 1700, extends over 22 hectares of land, about half of which lie on the Italian side of the Goriška Brda (Collio). 
Moderate Mediterranean climate with the cool air from Alpine peaks provides higher level of acids and aromatic substances to develop in the grapes. The characteristics of its whites are gentle, balanced, fresh and vivacious. The reds have strong color and a pronounced extract. 

For more information, visit Movia website

In our stock:

- Sauvignon 2017

- Sivi Pinot (Griggio) 2018

- Chardonnay 2016

- Veliko Belo cuvee 2011 - Sivi Pinot Griggio Ambra 2018

- Rebula 2017

- Lunar Rebula 1L 2014

- Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
- Merlot 2014
- Veliko Rdece cuvee 2011

- Puro Rebula 2013


Šuman’s biodynamic vineyards are located on the north-eastern part of Slovenia, middle of Srednje Slovenske Gorice. The Panonska and Mediterranean climate with Alpine influence gives the wine its freshness, richness and variety. Only natural material are used in all aspects of vine growing. Šuman’s vineyards are full of life, a sanctuary to birds with domestic animals freely roaming the land.  

For more information, visit Šuman website

In our stock:

- Pinot Sivi Griggio 2017


Since 2005, Trapan has created 12 ecologically clean vineyards on the Istrian red soil that is rich in minerals and saturated with lime stone. Trapan creates fine and elegant wines of a specific character that is recognisable, with a special Mediterranean touch. 

For more information, visit Trapan website

In our stock:

- Ruby Rose 2019

- Malvasia Istriana Ponente 2019 

- Uroboros Malvasia Istriana 2016

- Istraditional Malvasia 2016 

- NV Revolution cuvee 2016

- Terra Mare Teran 2016